About US

Since 1997, Lucky Vito’s has been proudly serving Italian food with a personal touch. Family owned and operated, we treat each customer as if they were part of our own family. While we want everyone to feel welcome, our food is the main reason people keep coming back.

That’s because we take no shortcuts when preparing your meal. We guarantee that no sauce comes from a can and no ingredient comes from a freezer. Our sausage, meatballs, and lasagna are all made in house. We want you taste the level of quality we put into our food. Each bite should be a reminder of why you came into our restaurant in the first place.

We don’t believe in overcharging customers for this attention to detail. We offer high quality food at a price that is fair and affordable. Our mindset will always be on how to satisfy the customer and from the food to the price, we diligently work on finding that perfect balance.